Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Scholarly Kitchen - getting more and more rotten as the days go by

In February I wrote about how something smelled funny with the connection between "The Scholarly Kitchen" blog and the Heartland Institute: The Tree of Life: Something rotten in the Scholarly Kitchen? (Climate Change Denialism is Everywhere)

Well, though I thought the Heartland Institute was a bit extreme from the previous "work" it seems they have gone even more off the deep end recently with their ad campaign featuring Charles Manson Ted Kaczynski

This least effort has led to an even further reduction in support for the folks at Heartland. See for example:
And more.  

So - amazingly - as Heartland dips more and more into extremism - I have seen no sign from anyone at the Scholarly Kitchen of any concern that one of their co-bloggers - David Wojick - also happens to work for the Heartland Institute:

What does this say about TSK?  Not sure.  But it continues to smell funny to me.  Wojick is using his position at TSK to make him seem like an academic.  Heartland is using his seeming academic status to promote their ideas, which get more and more extreme by the day apparently.  As even very conservative groups disavow themselves of any affiliation with Heartland, pulling money, and other kinds of support, I still have yet to see any public comments from TSK folks about whether they think Wojick is using his role in their blog to indirectly promote extreme ideas ...


  1. Charlie Manson is looking a little Unabomber-y these days :)

    1. oops - my brain sad "ted" but my fingers said otherwise ...

  2. What's a bit interesting about this is at one time there was a logical reason for Wojick (as an employee of the Heartland Institute) to oppose open access -- Reed Elsevier used to be a major funder of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the right-wing "council" to which Heartland belongs. But Reed Elsevier recently pulled support for ALEC -- maybe Wojick hasn't gotten that memo yet and still thinks pushing Elsevier's agenda is his job.


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