Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sign of the apocalypse? Science conference SPAM hybridizes w/ Nigerian advanced fee SPAM.

Normally I do not share SPAM emails.  But I have posted occasionally about Journal SPAM and Conference SPAM.  So what do I do here.  I just received an email that appears to be a hybrid between Conference SPAM and Nigerian advanced fee SPAM.  OMG.  The merging of two SPAM systems.  Too bad the Conference is not about viagra - though since it is about Metagenomics perhaps it somehow got flagged due to studies of the penis or vagina microbiome?   In this case I just had to post ...

Dear Honored Sir or Madam,

I am Prof. Mohammed Kaoje Abubakar minister of Science for the Republic of Nigeria under former President Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar’Adua. In this role I became in control of large sums of money dedicated to scientific research and the exchange of ideas with researchers from across the globe. However, since the time of the unfortunate death of President Yar'Adua, I have been under intense scrutiny of the new director of the ministry and have been unable to complete my mission. Fortunately,  I remain in charge of most of the 200 million dollars US, but the current government will only release the funds in conjunction with scientific activities involving prominent foreign national scientists like yourself. 

Therefore, on behalf of the 3rd Nigerian Congress of Metagenomics I am pleased to welcome you to propose a speech on your recent discovery about the genomic basis for the origin and evolution of new functions at the congress by submitting your speech title and CV to us. Meanwhile, we hope you can share your stimulating data, valuable scientific information and influential experiences with other industrial leaders, professionals and research pioneers. You are encouraged to network and explore partnering opportunities. 
As a branded Conference of Nigeria Congresses LLC, "Your Think Tank", NCM continues to expand with magnificent scientific and social programs to maximize your network in a free communication meeting environment. 

l  Keynote Forum – Presentations from Nobel Prize Laureate and Senior Leaders of Renowned Company

l  Parallel Forum – 200+ Sessions and Symposiums provide 1000+ speech opportunities for experts from all of the world

l  Welcome Banquet – All the participants enjoy the formal buffet dinner with wonderful performance show

l  Project Matching Activity – Develop effective platform by free booths supply

l  Keymakers Summit – Special Forum for Enterprisers to discuss hot issues face to face

l  Exhibition and Poster Zone

3rd Nigerian Congress of Metagenomics  is initiated for filling the gap between Eastern and West World for metagenomic professionals of free information exchange. In the past decade, NCM has attracted more than 5,000 enthusiastic speakers to communicate on the R & D advances in different therapeutic fields, which have generated great impact on the Chinese Bio/pharmaceutical development, enhanced Research and Development outsourcing, helped regional liaison of big pharma seeking partnership and searching talents, created a lot of opportunities for face-to-face network for multilateral collaboration by sharing both scientific and technological breakthroughs and speed up the process of many challenging drug discovery projects.

For more information PS: http:www.ncm.ng

Warri is a major oil city in Delta State, Nigeria, with a population of over 300,000 people. We look forward to seeing you in Warri for a stimulating and enjoyable conference.     Kindest regards, 

Prof. Mohammed Kaoje Abubakar8 for the organizing committee. 

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