Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Blogs getting a bit more respect at UC Davis

Well, to go along with the FreindFeed discussions I have been having recently here is a tidbit of interest. Blogs keep getting a bit more respect at UC Davis. First, there was Egghead, a blog about research at Davis sponsored by University Communications the College of Biological Sciences and edited by Andy Fell of the UC Davis News Service. And now there is "UC Davis Blogs" a web site with details about blogs by UC Davis people also maintained by University Communications. And here is their current list:

Behind the Lens by Karin Higgins

Arts and humanities

Business and law

Science and agriculture

Social science

They have left out a few including one of my favorites: "Mario's Entangled Bank" by Mario Pineda-Krch but the listing by UC Davis is a good thing.

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  1. this is really great! I did not realize there was so much interest. I will definitely check out these blogs.

    I want to see Tree of Life on Huffington Post soon