Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Open Access Pioneer Award #3: Joe Derisi

So I was reading the web page of WTOP radio, which I used to listen to all the time in DC and somehow still have their page near the top of my bookmarks. And there was a headline I could not resist. It said: "Malaria Researcher Wins Heinz Award." As I know a few people studying malaria here and there I had to check it out. And indeed, one of the winners of the award is Joe Derisi, from UCSF, who I know reasonably well and like very much. I am very pleased to see him win one of these Heinz Awards

The Heinz Site says "Joseph DeRisi receives the Heinz Award in Technology, the Economy and Employment for his extraordinary breakthroughs in detecting both new and existing viruses."

In addition to his science they say

"Joseph DeRisi has made breakthrough discoveries in the laboratory that have provided clarity and insight into the detection of some of the world's most threatening viruses as well as distinguished himself as a generous and tireless advocate for the free and open sharing of scientific research. With a brilliant mind and expansive heart, he has ennobled the field of science."

Here here. Derisi is one of the true pioneers of Open Science, not only promoting Open Access publishing but also promoting open sharing of methods, equipment, data, and everything. And, not that he needs another award (to go with his Heinz, his HHMI position, and his Macarthur among many things), but I am giving him my Open Access Pioneer Award #3 for his firm commitment to open science.

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