Saturday, May 17, 2008

Open Evolution - Open Taxonomy Mailing List

In my continuing series on Open Evolution I am posting an email I got regarding the creation of a new mailing list on "Open Taxonomy". For more on Open Taxonomy see "The Other 95%" which has some really good stuff on it.
Under the umbrella of the Open Biomedical Ontologies project (OBO; we have created a new mailing list, called obo-taxonomy, for the discussion of ontological representation of taxonomies and phylogenies. The OBO Foundry supports the development of orthogonal, interoperable reference ontologies for biological science.

The Phenoscape project ( develops methods and tools for using ontologies to integrate comparative morphological data with mutant phenotypes of genetic model organisms. As such we are very interested in participation from members of the evolutionary biology community to explore how best to integrate taxonomy into an ontological framework. Issues include proper semantics of the relationship between taxonomic groups, and between specimens and species.

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The Phenoscape project ( is funded by NSF-BDI and supported by the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent;

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