Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ASM Meeting Preview: Give your input to the National Science Foundation's Microbiology Programs ...

If you are interested in the funding of microbiology research from the National Science Foundation, there is a good opportunity coming up to find out what NSF's plans are and to give your input. James Collins, the Assistant Directory of the Biological Sciences Division at NSF will give a presentation at the ASM Meeting in Boston.

His presentation will be June 4, 2008
At the ASM Meeting at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
Room 052A
12-1:30 PM

If you are in town and interested in microbiology research funding, it would be worth going to give your input.

And if you are going to be in the area for the meeting or otherwise, you might consider going to the Division R Symposium that is from 8-10:30 in Room 156A. The talks in that session are:
  • Margrethe H. Serres -- Convener
  • Jonathan A. Eisen -- Division R Lecture: Phylogenomics and the Diversification of Microbes
  • Patricia Babbitt -- Functional Promiscuity and the Evolution of New Enzyme Functions: Implications for Annotation
  • Kimmen Sj√∂lander --The PhyloFacts Microbial Phylogenomic Encyclopedia: Investigating Protein Superfamily Evolution across the Tree of Life
  • Margrethe H. Serres --Protein Families Provide Support for Functional Annotation and Reflect Metabolic Diversity of Organisms

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