Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lederberg Workshop Intro

Well, I am sitting in the Lederberg workshop right now with David Relman talking about Lederberg and the workshop. He is emphasizing how "microbes as threats" (which is similar to the name of the panel that convened this workshop) is a bit of a biased view point and that beneficial microbes are important too and that Lederberg recognized this. Relman is also mentioning the importance of Esther Lederberg (Josh Lederberg's first wife).

Now - some update on last night. I got to the hotel around 3 went walking around DC and then came back to the hotel. All the speakers were supposed to be staying there so I lingered in the lobby hoping to bump into people I knew and find someone to go to dinner with. And I sat down and started reading a book I just got - Microcosm by Carl Zimmer. Zimmer's book is about E. coli and the history of studies of this magnificent organisms. And I started by lookng up in the index the stuff on Lederberg and read that. The book really seems to be quite excellent --- it covers a wide range of topics in biology at the same time as highlighting the importance of this organism. And then the gurus of microbiology started coming by. And I snookered my way into dinner with Julian Davies, Bruce Levin and Stanley Cohen.  And it ewas a great time --- talking about Lederberg, microbes, plasmids, selection, etc.   A good start to the meeting for me.  More later.

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  1. What a treat! I don't know Stan Cohen, but Julian and Bruce are delightful.