Monday, May 19, 2008

Joshua Lederberg Papers on the Web (well, most of them)

As a follow up to my previous post about a symposium in honor of Josh Lederberg that is coming up in Washington on Tuesday. There is a nice collection of his "papers" on the web - Profiles in Science: The Joshua Lederberg Papers

By papers they mean everything - letters, notes, drafts, communications, etc.  It is quite comprehensive and quite interesting including many discussions with other leading researchers key moments in the history of 20th century biological sciences research.  It is worth checking out.  I note - despite the availability of this great collection, one part of this life as a scientists is not completely freely available - his publications.  Not all are at this site and many are hidden behind the walls of various journals.  What a shame.  Just about every one of his papers is worth reading.


  1. I wonder if in the future we'll have archives of the e-mails of famous scientists...

  2. These databases are a great resource for us writers. I used the Lederberg archive while working on my book Microcosm.

  3. wait for the next post Carl ...