Monday, February 25, 2008

Calling Michael Ashburner - please start a blog

I just got done with reading Won for All by Michael Ashburner which came out a few years ago. This book discussed the sequencing of the Drosophila genome by Celera and is a fascinating read. The best part is the snarky, obsessive, and funny commentary by Ashburner on the players and the games they played in the course of this project. I know the book came out a while ago, but if there ever was a science author perfectly built for blogging it has to be Ashburner. So I am calling all science blog fans to try and find a way to get him to start a blog. Also - he is a big supporter of open access publishing ... as can be seen in the videos below:

See also some other Reviews of the book:


  1. Ashburner with a blog would be a good time.

  2. Nice try Jonathan, and thanks for yr words about "Won for All". But life is just too busy at the moment, I have no idea how you find the time to blog, I hardly even have time to read them and wait for mates to point out interesting blogs, like yours. Have fun with PLoS.

  3. Cambridge have this unfortunate practice that I call "compulsory senility"; you hit 65yo, or perhaps 67yo, and then you're deemed to be senile and retired willy nilly. Michael is ample advertisement why that's a truly silly and wasteful policy, but perhaps he'll have time to blog. Then again, I doubt it ..


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