Thursday, February 28, 2008

iSEEM Wants You --- We are Recruiting Post Docs in Metagenomics Informatics

I am pleased to announce that a new project on "Integrating Statistical Evolutionary, and Ecological Approaches to Metagenomics (iSEEM)" is getting up and running. The iSEEM Project, funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, takes an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to metagenomic analysis.

The project spans three labs (mine and those of
Katherine Pollard (who is in the Davis Genome Center where I am) and Jessica Green (who is at U. Oregon)), each with different areas of focus. Overall, the plan is to develop and apply novel methods for analyzing metagenomic data with a focus on three main topics: phylogenetic characterization of organisms, ecological diversity, and population genomics. We will be posting more detail about the project at

We are seeking five post-doctoral scientists and a bioinformatics engineer to work on methodology for analysis of metagenomic data as part of this collaborative project. Each position will be associated with one of the PIs at their home institution. If you are interested in microbial diversity, metagenomics, or genome evolution, and are looking for a post doc and want to be part of a interdisciplinary collaborative project, please apply.

More detail on the jobs is below:

  • We are looking for people with a demonstrated interest in working at the interface between the quantitative and biological sciences. We will offer a generous salary and benefits commensurate with experience.
  • Postdocs: Applicants should have a PhD in a biological, computational, mathematical, or statistical field. Programming skills are highly desirable.
  • Bioinformatics Engineer: Applicants should have substantial experience with database programming (e.g. SQL), scripting (e.g. Perl or Python), and bioinformatics tools.

Term: Appointments will last 2 years beginning in Summer 2008.

To Apply: Please apply using our online application system. You will be asked for:
  1. a brief cover letter explaining your background, career interests, and preferred geographical location for work (if any),
  2. CV (including publications),
  3. names and contact information for three references.
Online Application System:


  1. dear Jonathan,

    Congratulations for your nomination. I was wondering if summer 2008 was the application deadline or the start of the post-doc positions? I am planning to finish my metagenomics-oriented Ph.D at the end of 2008/beginning 2009. I guess it is much too late to apply for this program?


  2. I am excited to see this take off!


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