Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Advances in Genome Biology and Technology Meeting - First Post

Well, I have just finally gotten online at the "Advances in Genome Biology and Technology Meeting" also known as the Marco Island Genome Meeting (because it is held in Marco Island in Florida), or, as we used to call it at TIGR when I worked there, the "I don't want to go to Venter's Genome Meeting Meeting".

My flight in had some issues so alas I missed the workshop today on new technologies, and cannot report on that here, but I think I will get enough on the new technologies at the rest of the meeting to report later.

I got in to Ft Myers Airport at about 5 PM and took a shuttle bus ride from the airport to the Marriott on Marco Island. As usual, I blabbed away on the bus ride. Somehow, I always end up talking about my time at TIGR and my interactions with Craig Venter and Claire Fraser and my witnessing the fights between the Venter camp and the TIGR camp (if you do not know what I am talking about, feel blessed).

I checked in, dumped my bags and then went to the meeting registration where I got a free backpack full of meeting marketing material. Then I bumped into some colleagues and friends including Neil Hall, who was on the faculty at TIGR when I was there and has now moved back to the UK to Liverpool. I also saw Elaine Mardis, who was just at Davis giving a talk about new sequencing technologies (I missed her talk but took her out to lunch in Davis).

After ditching the backpack full of dead trees, I went to the reception/party by the pool. The food was not so bad, the drinks were free, and I bumped into many other colleagues, some of whom I have not seen in many years, and some who I should see more often (e.g., Chuck Langley, who is a colleague at Davis was there as was Len Pennacchio who is at the Joint Genome Institute where I have an Adjunct Appointment and where I try to spend some time, but alas, usually do not).

Anyway - I will post notes and pictures from the meeting as the days go by ... I will try to do it in some regular manner but we will see how that goes.

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