Thursday, February 07, 2008

AGBT Marco Usland Update - Long Live Sequencing

Well, I am sitting in the back of the room at the AGBT meeting and just heard Eric Green give the introduction and Joe Ecker is talking right now. And the theme of the meeting is pretty clear:

Basically, the meaning of this is that, though many said sequencing was dead a few years ago, sequencing is alive, thriving, and going a bit crazy. With the new massively parallel high throughput sequencing machines sequencing is being used for everything and anything. For example, Ecker is using sequencing to study methylation of the genome of Arabidopsis. And others are usign sequencing for expression studies. And of course there is population genetics. And genetic mapping. And my favorite - metagenomics. And so on. So, despite the push to move into a "post genomics" world, sequencing is growing in use not shrinking.

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