Sunday, January 05, 2020

Nature Observations. January 4, 2020. #iNaturalist #Birds #BirdPhotography

Got a flat tire January 3 and replaced it with my spare. January 4 I had an appointment in the AM in town in Davis, CA to get the flat repaired so I could have it ready to be a spare. And they told me it would be a 45 minute wait so I brought my camera and went for a little walk towards this "Toad" pond in Davis. 
I am now taking my camera with my for any such outings and when there is a wait I get happy since it means I can go try to get some bird pics. 
I then went out to Yolo Bypass for a walk / tour with a friend Mitchell Mysliwiec.  And on the way home from Yolo Bypass I tooled around rural Davis for a few minutes.
Best pics posted to Smugmug

Observations posted to iNaturalist here:

And copied below

 55 birds
 1 insect
 1 reptile
1 life list first

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