Thursday, November 15, 2012

Microbes, art and a bit of satire all in one place - Design Interactions at the RCA

Got pointed to an interesting site recently - "Design Interactions at the RCA"  This is a program (or as they call it - a programme) at the Royal College of Art in London.  One of the current students - Lana Porter - contacted me about a possible project she was working on involving microbes.  She also pointed me to some past projects connected to microbes from the program.  The two she pointed to are:
  • Viruses, close enemies or distant cousins? | Design Interactions at the RCA. From Mikael Metthey.  It appears to be from a few years ago but I am not sure.  Regardless, it is pretty humorous.  It is basically a description of an attempt to create "more intimate ways to approach the process of vaccination" by having poxteddy bears and cowpox rides and vaccination playgrounds.
  • The Race.  From Michael Burton.  Also from a few years ago. This one is about antibiotics and microbial evolution and the hygiene hypothesis.  
And then browsing around the site led to some other interesting concepts:
Seems like a fun programme (or program) ...

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