Saturday, November 10, 2012

Teaching kept me from SF Giants playoff games; StubHub glitches are keeping me from my money ..

Well, as if not going to the game wasn't bad enough ...

A few weeks ago, I managed to buy some tickets to some San Francisco Giants playoff games (for the League Championship Series and the World Series). Alas, due to teaching activities for Intro Bio at UC Davis, I was unable to go (when I bought them the dates were not yet determined). I gave some to a neighbor (a belated thank you for them allowing construction workers to use their driveway and yard for months when we had a pool built last summer). And then I sold the others on StubHub. Generally I have always loved Stubhub. Great way to get tickets. Had never sold any there before but it was pretty smooth and painless (except for the relatively large commission but that is another story) and the tickets sold fast (I listed them at ticket price).

And then I waited to payment to go to my Paypal account. And waited. And waited. I finally wrote to StubHub
"Just trying to find out why it is taking so long to get payment from something from a few weeks ago"
The response was surprising:
Dear Jonathan,

Thank you for contacting StubHub.

I understand your concern regarding your payment. I'm sorry it has been delayed. We recently experienced a technical error where MLB payments were diverted to 'Credit My Team Account'. We are in the process of correcting these orders and issuing payments to the default payment method in the sellers account. Due to the widespread nature of this issue, it is taking longer than normal to change the payment method, as each one needs to be done manually. Unfortunately at this point, I am unable to give you a timeframe for receiving your PayPal payment. Rest assured we are working as quickly as possible on this issue.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but appreciate your business with StubHub. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.


StubHub Customer Service
Weekdays: 5:00AM -- 9:00PM (PST)
Weekends: 6:00AM -- 7:00PM (PST)

Wow.  Glad they are trying to explain what was going on.  But just how hard can it be to correct such an error?

So I waited again.  And waited.  And then I got an email with the subject line "Payments Returned to StubHub - 11/06/2012."   Sounded good.  Until I looked at the email.

That is right.  I got a payment of $0.  How does that even work?  A few days later I did get a notice of an ACTUAL payment for some of the money I am owed.  But some is still missing.  Clearly some sort of major IT / DB malfunctions going on at StubHub.  Anyone else have this problem?

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  1. Stubhub is FINALLY getting my $$ to me ... not sure what happened in their system but it was messed up enough that even when they were trying to get me the $$ it still took some time ...


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