Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Bad omics word of the day: variome

OK - I am back. I cannot resist. The Bad Omics Word of the Day is Variome. I am not even completely sure what people mean by this, but I guess if you want to know you can go to this meeting: 3rd HVP Meeting � Paris

On the web site the seem to define this project as an attempt to "collect variation causing disease (mutations) in all genes world wide" so I guess that is what variome means to them. So - I wonder here - what is wrong with "polymorphisms"??????

HT to @ivanoransky and @boraz for pointing this out to me (by feeding my other people's tweets).


  1. the problem is that "polymorphism" does not end in "ome." Maybe "polymorphome?" :)

  2. Are you creating an Eisenome?

  3. be very careful what you wish for RPG

  4. What about the analysis of concatenations? ;)


  5. @rpg: there are enough blogs dedicated to eisenomics (at least in name) that we've even got an eisenomics blogeome. Do we seriously want that resurrected?

  6. Fight fire with fire, I say.

  7. Oh oh, and here I am collaborating with someone who wants to develop the pathogen (or microbial) variome database ;-)

  8. Variome is pretty old. It came right after the Human Genome Project. So, since I'm sure we can find a SNPome (Journal of Theoretical Biology
    Volume 249, Issue 2, 21 November 2007, Pages 376-383 ), I think variome would be classified as a case of mild 'omitis' compared to the 'N-terminome' for example.

    You will probably hate this more mitovariome

    But seriously, you can argue the same thing about microbiome and even genome. What's wrong with microbiota and gene sets?

    To complicate things even more, I started using variome for the sum of bacterial variations per genome; so you get a "horizontal variome" and a limited "vertical variome" per microbial genome....


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