Monday, January 11, 2010

Gmail account deletion phishing attempt ...

Just got this in my inbox - have never received any phishing directed at my gmail account before - maybe this is a follow up to google's issues with China?

Gmail Alert


Wed, Jan 13, 2010 at 12:34 PM
Verify Your Gmail

hide details 12:34 PM (5 minutes ago)

We are shutting down some email accounts and your account was automatically chosen to be deleted. If you are still interested in using our email service please fill in the space below for verification purpose by clicking the reply button and fill the form below. Learn more

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Warning!!! Account owner that refuses to update his or her account within Seven days of receiving this warning will lose his or her account permanently.Thank you for using Gmail !

The Gmail Team


  1. No, but I get them all the time for my yahoo account. I suspect such attempts to hijack mail attempts are going on all the time on all web mail systems -- gmail just has better spam filters than most and so they are sent to spam filter almost always.

  2. Yikes. Yeah, I've also starting receiving some similar messages, but working for VeriSign I've picked up enough know-how to bolster just plain common sense. It's unfortunate that Gmail is having these issues, but their reluctance to address security problems has led to some serious gaps...the issues in China that you bring up, for example, could easily be aided by implementing extended validation ssl (the green url bar) or some kind of multiple factor authentication...though neither are the standard for free web-based email services, they may need to be very soon. Hopefully, however, most people know not to type their password into an email...!


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