Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Walkscore - software for walkability of communities goes open source

Just got this email (see below) from WalkScore that I thought might be of interest to Davisites. Walk Score is one of several types of "software for civic life" from Frontseat. This systems allows one to evaluate the walkability of a community or address. And now they are looking to release the software for WalkScore at Walkscore.Org as an open source development. And they are trying to get more people involved in this - including asking for what new developments they should make. I have suggested previously that they should incorporate bikability. And if you agree, you should vote for it here.

Dear Jonathan,

You deserve a break. Take a sec to:

Also, we're thrilled to announce our Rockefeller Foundation grant (see below).

— The Front Seat Team

Vote on Walk Score improvements

We just launched — a new website where you can vote on Walk Score improvements. We're also releasing open source code for Walk Score on this site.

Friends with benefits

Can you help us get to 100 fans on Facebook so we can claim a URL for our Facebook page?

Let's create a Facebook group of people who support walkable neighborhoods.

Rockefeller Foundation grant

We're using our new grant from the Rockefeller Foundation to improve Walk Score and make it open source. Sign up on to get notified when the code is available.

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