Monday, October 05, 2009

Some tweets of mine with links about #PLoS papers by #Nobel winners

  1. #Nobel winner Blackburn's 2004 #PLoS Biology essay: Reason as Our Guide -
  2. #Nobel winner Greider's re #PLoS Genetics pub on telomeres in Primary and Tumor Cells -
  3. #Nobel winner Szostak has many #PLoSOne pubs
  4. Yippe - another Nobel Prize for work in Tetrahymena - see my #PLoS Biology paper on the genome here -
  5. The Greider Lab | Johns Hopkins Medicine - #Nobel
  6. Blackburn Lab Research -
  7. Szostak Lab: Home Page

1 comment:

  1. Oh my FSM, I was JUST looking up Blackburn's Tetrahymena papers when blogging some musings about who knows how many cell/molecular biol wonders lie waiting to be discovered in the obscure domains of the protist kingdom. While looking at them, I thought "I wonder if she ever got a Nobel prize for that..."

    Wow! I haz sixth sense!
    Ok, maybe just a coincidence...


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