Thursday, October 29, 2009

More on the PLoS Special Collection on the Genomic of Emerging Infectious Diseases

In case people have not seen in. There is a new collection out from PLoS on the Genomics of Emerging Infectious Diseases. The collection, edited by me and Catriona MacCalum, one of the PLoS Biology Editors. It was sponsored by Google.Org who have a growing interest in emerging infectious diseases. Also heavily involved were Carol Featherstone a freelance writer/editor and Maggie Brown the copy editor.

An Editorial by me and Catriona describing the collection is here: PLoS Biology: Genomics of Emerging Infectious Disease: A PLoS Collection

The papers in the collection are listed below. It truly is an amazing collection of papers all on genomics of emerging infectious diseases and all completely open. Take the material from these papers. Reprint it. Reuse us. Mash it up. Use the figures. And most of all, help in the fight against emerging infectious diseases. Thanks to all the authors, all the PLoS folks (especially Catriona) and all the Google.Org people for working on this. And also thanks to Dr. Kiki for handling the interview for the podcast about the series which is available here.

Some more on the series from the web:

Eisen, J., & MacCallum, C. (2009). Genomics of Emerging Infectious Disease: A PLoS Collection PLoS Biology, 7 (10) DOI: 10.1371/journal.pbio.1000224


  1. Is it only review articles? Is the collection expandable or that's it?

  2. I have asked the same question of PLoS. As of now they say it will only be this static collection. Too bad. I am working on changing that ...


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