Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bay Area Biosystematists: 10/15 w/ undergrads. on their research

Gotta love this - education, evolution, science, all rolled into one ...

Bay Area Biosystematists Meeting: Thursday, 15 October, 2009

at UC Berkeley, 2063 Valley Life Sciences Bldg.

Undergraduate Research in Evolutionary Biology

This will be a first-time-ever-for-BABS panel discussion led by undergraduates, focused on the research experience for undergraduates in evolutionary biology in the Bay Area. Several undergraduate researchers will speak informally about their research, the path they took to get into research, where they hope to go with it in the future, and what their hopes/fears are. Suggestions on how professors and departments could enhance the process will be featured; this should lead to a productive exchange between undergrads and professional researchers, and a chance for us all to examine this vitally important educational process.

Panel discussants include:
Elaine Fok, UCB (Mishler Lab)
Nairi Hartononi, UCB (Baldwin Lab)
Irene Liao, UCB (Specht Lab)
Brian Mahardja, UCD (May Lab)
Norma Pantoja, UCB (O'Grady Lab)

Schedule and venue:
5:30 - social gathering with beverages and informal pizza dinner:
cost ca. $10, to be collected at door, 2063 Valley Life Sciences Bldg.,
UC Berkeley campus.
7:00 - talk followed by discussion, in same room.

Please email reservations to your host, Gordon Bennett, at by Tuesday, Oct 13th

For a map of campus and view of VLSB, use the link below.

All are welcome, members or not. If you want to join the Biosystematists, a venerable yet exceptionally lively group that provides the only inter-institutional seminar/discussion forum addressing evolutionary topics in the Bay Area, sign up for our mailing list at:


  1. Wish I could be there tonight. We have no equivalent of BABS here in the midwest, it is one of those things that I about living in CA.

  2. 'that I miss', that is.


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