Monday, August 25, 2008

Tree of Life Imagery at Starbucks

Not the best resolution (damn that iPhone camera) but just thought I would post the picture I saw at a Starbucks in San Francisco where I was for a DARPA meeting discussion the "laws of biology". You see - even Starbucks is a fan of the Tree of Life.

Follow up.  After Laura wrote in asking about the origins of this picture I have searched around and found many others interested in it.  I note - the caption says "The Deeper the Roots - the Higher the Reach".  I have not found the origins of the print but here are some other discussions


  1. Jonathan

    The Plant Genomics Program "Tree of life" mosaic is not up at Robbins hall. I dont know how to post an image here, but will send to you

  2. Hey Jonathan - Laura in Texas. Glad to find another fan of this wonderful print - Tree of Life. I have been searching for months for a place to purchase this print. Any leads?

  3. Laura - Just added some links to the post ... you ma have seen these before. Still do not have a place to pruchase. Maybe write Starbucks?

  4. there is a lot more 'symmetrism,' aka, clever integrated marketing, going on at bucks than the tree of life.

    if you are interested in this, email me, I do not feel comfortable posting it in public.

    I also have a lot of, what I consider, quantitative theories on the meaning of this-- the staff, tetragrammaton, evolutionary tree, etc, that I am happy to share with any inquirers.


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