Friday, August 01, 2008

Open Anthrax: Open access publications for those writing about B. anthracis

Well, I am sure there are going to be a million news stories and blogs over the next few days about the anthrax letters. That is because of the recent death of someone who appears to have been the latest suspect in the anthrax mailings (see for example CNN Report: Anthrax suspect kills self as FBI closes in). (Also see the LA Times, which broke the story). I must say, after the disastrous handling of some of the previous suspects, I think we should reserve judgement on this case until some of the evidence is made public.

In the interest of helping out some of those interested in the science of studying the organism that causes anthrax I am posting here some links to fully open access articles on B. anthracis.

PLoS One papers
PLoS biology Papers
Biomed Central Journals

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