Monday, August 11, 2008

Shameless Self Promotion # 200: Are We Alone

Just a little quick link here. People might be interested to check out the "Are we alone" Radio Show from July 21, 2008 (Are We Alone). A direct MP3 link is here. Here is there summary of the show from that date:
Remember Mr. Potato Head? You changed his look by snapping in plastic mustaches, googly eyes and feet. Now imagine doing the same with a living cell: inserting the genes you want to create the organism you want. Welcome to the world of synthetic biology. It has potential to create new bio-fuels and life-saving drugs. It also ushers in a host of ethical and safety concerns. We examine both when we discuss this emerging science of mix and match genes. Plus, does doing an end run around Mother Nature challenge the essence of life itself?

This show is produced by the SETI institute and has some interesting topics on different science things.


  1. this is a nice mix of people. I will listen in.

  2. In your MP3 link u linked the show from the following week.

  3. thanks marcel

    should be fixed now


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