Saturday, September 08, 2007

Retraction - I was buzzing off about bees before my time

Recently I wrote a post about the recent study on bees associated with colony collapse disorder. After receiving a well thought out email from one of the authors on the study I have decided to retract my blog and apologize to the authors of the bee study. I rushed out my blog without really considering the evidence and the data very carefully and accept that I screwed this one up big time. The study is much more complex and comprehensive that I led people to believe. In part this was due to lack of detail in the actual manuscript but alas most of the fault lies with me - in not trying to contact the authors for more detail before mouthing off.

So I am giving myself a new award - the genomic jerk award. Hopefully there will be no more recipients.

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  1. Thanks for handling this in such a straightforward and intellectually honest way. And thanks for some really interesting posts. Please, keep up the good work.
    Tom (kellert) at