Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ego blogging -- what is your favorite self written blog entry or comment?

The Scientists is running a very informative discussion on people's favorite science blogs. There are some blogs there that I have never heard of that seem quite interesting as well as others I knew about and had forgotten. So it is a good place to look to see what people pick as their favorite.

But I think there is a more interesting question. What is your favorite blog entry that you have written in your own blog? Or, especially if you do not have a blog, what is your favorite comment you have written on someone else's blog? If you can't pick just one --- well do what they did on the Scientist site and pick a few.

My three favorites of my own blog entries:
  1. Why all medical professionals need to study evolution. I like this because I have been harping on it for years but never wrote about it or did anything about it.
  2. Top 10 Novel ways to contribute to the open access movement. I like this because it was one of my first serious moves to write about Open Access to scientific literature.
  3. Adaptationomics Award #1. This if high on my list because it represents both my obsession with adaptationism and my need to be snarky.
How about anyone else --- what are your favorite self-written blog entries?


  1. I'll take credit for providing the impetus to write #1.... Did I ever tell you I'm for hire as a motivational coach? :D

  2. Thank you for the nice post. I enjoy reading your posts. Thank you for the
    time and effort you spend for keeping blog lively and attractive.

  3. Yup, Hsien, you do get credit for that one. When will you give me my next task?

  4. And, if you all are digging through your archives for your own favourite posts, why not submit them for the 2nd Science Blogging Anthology?


  6. As a matter of fact I've never read your "Top 10 Novel ways..." post. I'm leading a student initiative in my institute to post all our publications pdf's (or drafts, in case we might get sued) in the institution's webpage... do you mind if I link your post?


  7. Everything I put on here is under a Creative Commons license. Do whatever you want with it as long as you saywhere it came from.


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