Friday, June 08, 2007

Trip to the Creation Museum

Just a quick post suggesting people check out the slashdot story on a field trip to the creation musuem. Thanks to Doug Rusch for pointing this out.

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  1. I fully realize that you (or your organization) may not wish to be aggressive in regards to a subject like creationism, but I thought you might want to help distribute the attached list to scientists who really are concerned about the new Creation Museum. Let’s face it: we’re at war. And when you don’t have any money to help your soldiers, you wind up giving them whatever ammunition you can and in any form. The attached is an annotated 16-page list culled (mostly) from Answers in Genesis. It took me a very long while, but I went through most of the names of the “scientists who support” Ken Ham and the Creation Museum and made some comments. See if you or anyone you know can pick out some names and, if possible, refute their claims. If each scientist in a particular field concentrates on refuting just 5 "scientists" think of what an impact that would make! Share this list with any scientist or groups of scientists you think might use this bit of “ammunition”. If you have any suggestions for other writers, editors, or associations I might contact, please feel free to do so.

    I really hope it helps.

    Dan Vojir
    San Francisco

    You can view some of my comments about the situation at: