Saturday, June 02, 2007

Great kids activity in Davis - the U. C. Davis Raptor Center

We (me, my wife, my 2 yr old and our 4 month old) went for a visit a few weekends ago to the U. C. Davis raptor center. Our 2 yr old daughter went crazy, never wanting to leave and wanting to see all the birds over and over. The 4 month old loved the tranquil setting (he did not like the screeching hawks, but they have a nice little picnic bench area a bit away from the birds). The Center has a bunch of cages outside with all sorts of raptors, including eagles, hawks, harriers and owls. The also have a litte museum with displays. It is in a really nice setting along the flowing part of Putah Creek south of Davis and is definitely worth a visit.

Here are some pictures


  1. DRC is one of the few animal activities that I have not done with my tot yet. It's certainly not because of a lack of interest, rather it's because there are critters everywhere in Davis for the animal interested kiddos. For example, the water birds at the North Covell greenbelt, the raptors soaring over the surrounding fields, ground squirrels scurrying around in the grasslands, Burrowing Owls, sheep and goats at the Mace Ranch, the semi-feral chicken in the hippi complexes in west Davis, and the llamas, cows, cheep, horse, and donkeys at the Vet School.

  2. All good things and I probably have done most/all of those with my older (2 yr old) kid. But you should still check out the DRC for a change of pace since it is really the only place to get within 2-5 feet of such a diverse collection of raptors. Yes, they are mostly in cages (except for show and tell). But still, my daughter went crazy over it.

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