Thursday, June 21, 2007

Southwest Airlines Supports Evolution

Congrats to Southwest Airlines. On a recent flight coming back to Davis from San Diego I saw a nice 1 pager in their Spirit Magazine promoting the Darwin exhibit currently on display at the Field Museum in Chicago. Many places shy away from saying anything about evolution for fear of antagonizing ID supporters. In fact, I cannot recall ever seeing anything on evolution in anyother airline magazine. Kudos to Southwest. Another reason to fly them. For those airlines that shy away from topics like evolution in their magazines, do they also shy away from physics and math in their engineering departments?


  1. I guess it's nice that they are promoting the exhibit, but they lose points in my opinion for calling evolution "a still-controversial theory". Grr.

  2. I like Southwest Airlines better than any other airlines, and I've traveled a lot. I like open seating and hope they keep it forever...