Friday, June 08, 2007

Good list of Science Blogs

Check out the list of science blogs at Blog Together. It has many I had never heard of or seen. It has a bit of a bent towards blogs from North Carolina but otherwise it is one of the more comprehensive lists I have seen.


  1. Thank you. It's a work in progress. I need to do some work on that page soon...

  2. Postgenomic indexes (and lists) well over 700 science related blogs.

  3. Interestingly, I did not find my own blog there (on the Postgenomic list). Also, a number of blogs on Seed's are not included as well. I sent them an e-mail.

    My blogroll is huge (much bigger than the Postgenomic one) and growing and at least 3/4 of the list are science blogs:

    The BlogTogether list is supposed to be a "best of science blogs" list highlighting diversity, best used to introduce newbies to science blogosphere, i.e., some emtry-points I thought would be interesting to different people.

    I tried to list science blogs about a year ago (since then there was an explosion of new ones) and the last installment (linking to all the previous ones as well) is here:

  4. So, what is the secret to getting into Science Blogs?

  5. Nobody knows! Luck, I guess? Constant pestering of the Overlords, perhaps?

    Anyway, thanks to your reminder I went ahead and updated that page a bit, getting it ready for the Second Science Blogging Conference (which I hope you will attend...).

  6. Yes, he means that conference, and you should go!

    It's weird that coturnix's blog is not on PG's list, since I know it was there at one point -- I put it there.

    As for importing blogrolls, the first problem that springs to mind is differences of opinion as to what constitutes a "science blog". But I'll have a look over coturnix's roll and see about helping PG to update.

    Pretty soon there will be too many blogs for PG to keep up with (in terms of adding the new ones as they appear, not coping with the data stream). This is because updates currently depend on Stew, with a teeny bit of occasional help from a handful of folks like me.

    We are going to need a distributed approach -- a toolbar button "submit to PG" that everyone could hit whenever they come across a new science related blog. Know any savvy web programmers?

  7. So - what exactly is PostGenomic? WHo runs it?

  8. Yes, I a mean THAT conference and you should come. We will most certainly have an Open Science session (and other sessions will touch on it, of course).

    Bill, I still have to update my blogroll to include a bunch of blogs I have included in my last few 'Blogrolling' posts, so you may want to search those as well.

  9. Sorry for the tardy reply! Postgenomic is an aggregator for science blogs -- as per the tagline, it "collects posts from hundreds of science blogs and then does useful and interesting things with that data". It's run by Euan Adie (hope I spelled that correctly), and this post on his blog is a good overview/introduction.

  10. Yes indeedy. A Blog Around The Clock and most of the ScienceBlogs *are* actually on Postgenomic, but don't appear when you search for them because the search functionality is awful (I'm working on it).

    Postgenomic is a free, open source blog aggregator. It used to be hosted by Seed, now it's on a server at Nature. The list of aggregated blogs is manually curated and submissions come from the bloggers themselves (supplemented with the occasional bonanza from Bill and one or two others :) ).


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