Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Should I testify in German court about how there is no such thing as the measles virus?

I could use some help from the crowd. I got this email a few minutes ago. Am wondering what people think about this? Should I testify in German court about how there is no such thing as the measles virus?
Dear Prof. Eisen,

my name is Dr. Stefan Lanka from Germany and in 1987, as a jung student of biology I isolated the first so called giant virus out of the sea, the Ectocaropus siliculosus virus with its circular 335 kbp dsDNA genome.

Would you be so kind as to help me in my issues?

In searching the origins of viruses, me, my professors and others realised that so called human viruses never were isolated and typical molecules of cells used in the protocols to "isolate" them were mistaken as viral.

Since then I successfully did research what are the real causes of so called human viral diseases.

In a court case on the existance of the so called measles virus, a jung medical doctor claimed that in six publications there is the scientific proof of the existance of the measles virus.

In reading the six papers you will realise that in these papers (and others) there is no such thing as a measles virus.

My question: Would you act as a referee in this court case in Germany?

If yes, here you will find the six papers:







Thanks a lot!

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Stefan Lanka


  1. Wow. I thought this was just some random guy with mental health issues, but apparently he is a *well known* weirdo on par with Peter Duesberg. I wonder if he got you confused with the *other* "suppressed inventions" Jonathan Eisen.

    for more about Lanka

  2. This guy is a dangerous nutcase - if you can stand reading this article you get a good idea of his line of thinking: . If not the LA Times one is a nice summary of the court case related to his 'challenge'. I assume you are contacted because he announced to appeal the decision by the court in Ravensburg.


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