Monday, May 26, 2014

Gulp - a good book for those into, well, our insides

On Saturday I went into downtown Davis, CA with my kids to get them haircuts and then to get a present for one of their friends for a birthday party. We decided to get a present at Avid Reader downtown. And after looking for the gift and for some books for my kids I decided I wanted to check out their science section. And I came up with a present for myself too

And then started reading it. It is quite good.

On top of reading the book I have been checking out some interviews with the author Mary Roach. Quite entertaining. For example I was pointed to one on Twitter:

And I then remembered I had been pointed to another via email a while back by Steve Faith at UC Davis:  A Brief Tour Of The Alimentary Canal, From Spit To You Know What : Shots - Health News : NPR.
Still not done with the book but if you want a great read about our insides - I recommend Gulp by Mary Roach very highly.


  1. We had Mary as our very first guest on my "Read Science!" Google hangout on air series. She's awesome!