Tuesday, October 22, 2013

UCDavis ADVANCE Reading of the Day: How not to run a women in science campaign

Interesting article in The Guardian the other day that is worth taking a look at: How not to run a women in science campaign | Science | theguardian.com.  It is by Alice Bell and discusses, among many things, the European Commission video from last year on "Science: It's a Girl Thing" (shown below) that sparked a lot of controversy.  The article also discusses many issues of relevance of improving the representation of women and minorities in the sciences including: the leaky pipe, the whiteness of science, and social mobility.  It is definitely worth a read for anyone interested in issues relating to women in science and minorities in science.


  1. When I read your opening I thought: "I bet there's an overuse of the color pink in the video." I would have never thought there would be thinking human beings in this day and age who would put something like this together. [oh wait, maybe the thinking part is the issue]

    I have an adult daughter who is a brilliant Engineer. She also happens to be very beautiful. She had some issues in college with people treating her differently since she was a girl. I was so glad that when she hit the workforce she was recruited by a company filled with men who happen to have women in their lives who taught them to judge people on their merits and not on whether or not they could fill out a sweater or strut around in stilettos.

    This video made me mad Jonathan, and that's not easy to do! *Takes a deep breath* -- don't worry -- I'll be back to a place of zen once I hop a while.


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