Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Spammy journal invite of the day: Journal of Immunology & Clinical Research!

I like sharing these SPAMMY journal invites on my blog so that when people google the name of the journal they might end up here.  Here is the latest invite I have gotten:

Dear Dr. Jonathan Eisen,Greetings from Journal of Immunology & Clinical Research!It is our privilege to invite you, in view of your scientific reputation and trustworthiness in your field, we would like to invite you to submit your valuable Research/Review/ Short communication/Perspective on your research area for publication in our upcoming issue.We have gone your latest quality research with work “ ”Journal of Immunology & Clinical Research is ardent to promote erudite, pragmatic, and contemporaneous research in the fields of Immunology & Clinical Research through open Access platform. This open access journal facilitates rapid publication with unlimited dissemination of knowledge to readers.As you are an eminent researcher we request you to support us.If you are interested, kindly let us know your possible date of submission.Anticipating your kind positive response, please revert promptly.Sincerely,
Thanks & Regards


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  2. Once upon a time I edited an online flash fiction magazine. I'd get about twenty submissions of short fiction daily and the guidelines asked for out of the box thinking and stories that punched you in the gut. One Tuesday morning as I slogged through some rather blah subs I found myself reading a really over the top tongue in cheek parody of those "please help me" letters that ostensibly come from someone you know who is accidentally trapped in a foreign country without their passport and need you to wire them money. Funny thing? It was ACTUALLY a spam that had leaked through the spam filter. I almost published it for its rarity value. It was gramatical, punchy and held my interest for 45 seconds. I hope whatever ghostwriter put it together got paid at least $15 because it was a lot of fun. The only thing they left out were aliens and alligator attacks.

    1. If there were aliens and alligator attacks would you have published it?

    2. Hi
      Are you indicating that the journal of immunology and clinical research is a scam journal or you think their email has been hijacked?

    3. seems like a SPAMMY journal

  3. ha! maybe. I just sat and shook my head for a minute after I realized it was spam. sometimes the things people intend to be serious are stranger than fiction. and just fyi? if there'd been tentacles it would have been a no brainer. I'm a sucker for tentacles.

  4. Shirin Kalyan11/05/2013 6:28 AM

    Your aim was a success! I received the exact same spammy journal invitation, and am delighted to have the opportunity to share this experience with you. Thanks for the commiseration!


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