Saturday, August 13, 2011

Finally updated my blog template after, oh, five years

Well, after breaking the html behind my blog template many times with all sorts of hacked code for widgets and trackers and other things.  I have decided to clean up my act.  And just revert to a standardized Blogger template for now.  If some things are missing, maybe I will revert.  The colors I am going to play with - not sure if I want something new or to go back to the old ones.  But for now, there will be a bit of a new look here.


  1. You need to change your link colours, as they fade in the heading.

    I just spent a lot of time accidentally revising my own blog template...

  2. Need to change more than colors ... but going to let it sit for a bit

  3. Just a very small point:
    The blogger templates are very nice and this one is no exception. However, I was in China recently and noticed that the goverment there block all blogger blogs because they belong to Google. So unless the Chinese person interested in viewing yours has VPN, you won't be visible in China. The page just won't load for blogger blogs in China. (Same for embedded YouTube and so on...). Just to make people aware.

  4. wow - had no idea - I wonder if feeds from the blog get through if I send them into other places ...


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