Thursday, June 02, 2011

Selfish DNA, symbionts and parasites - some quick links

I was at a committee meeting yesterday for a great PhD student here at UC Davis, Michael Hornsby and the topic of selfish DNA came up.  After his meeting we sat down and looked for some new papers and review papers on the topic.  I just thought it might be of value to share some of these here:
We also discussed briefly the evolution of mutualists and parasites and here are a few papers that came up:
If anyone knows of any other good recent papers or blog posts about selfish DNA or mutualists vs. parasites please post them here.  Thanks


  1. Completely selfish reasoning, but I don't think any analysis of selfish DNA is complete without considering mobile introns and their relatives :)

    The focus is pretty heavy on prokaryotic/eukaryotic transition these days, but considering how many of these mobile introns show up in conjugation and gene-transfer cassettes, I'd include them.

  2. Hi Jonathan, we've had our heads buried on this topic for a bit, with a focus on obligate intracellular bacteria. Here are some links:

    Correlations between bacterial ecology and mobile DNA.

    Mobile DNA in obligate intracellular bacteria.

    Phage WO of Wolbachia: lambda of the endosymbiont world.

    Complete bacteriophage transfer in a bacterial endosymbiont (Wolbachia) determined by targeted genome capture.

  3. Thank you all for the great links. I appreciate all the suggestions.


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