Thursday, June 16, 2011

More art & science - hand painted poster at Synthetic Biology #synbio5 - by Karmella Haynes

I posted this to twitter yesterday but am now adding it to my blog since it was so great.  At the Synthetic Biology 5.0 meeting at Stanford I walked into the poster session last night to discover this incredible poster:

Karmella Haynes, had hand painted her poster on canvas.  Drawn in by the art, I went to talk to her (well, first I said "This is awesome" or something like that.  And then I found out a bit more detail.  She had her paints with her and was continuing to add touches to the painting.  Though I was fascinated by the art side of this, then we got to talking about the science because actually - the figures there were about work she had done on applying some ideas from synthetic biology to animal cells in tissue culture.

I was completely blown away by this.  I am not sure if the same posters will be up tomorrow and if so I will try to get some better shots.  Anyway, I found out she is on her way to a faculty position in Arizona and has recently been a post doctoral fellow at Davidson College.

And then with a little help from Google I discovered her openwetware page: Karmella Haynes.  And from that I found her art page:  I hope she does more hand painted posters for conferences - it certainly brightened up the poster session and made my day.

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  1. A nice reminder that art goes hand in hand with science - art is really important for the analysis and synthesis of ideas.


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