Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fun with Ligercat: pubmed word clouds

I have been having enormous fun over the last hour playing with LigerCat.  I was searching for ways to build tag clouds for papers in Pubmed and this came up: LigerCat: Using “MeSH Clouds” from Journal, Article, or Gene Citations to Facilitate the Identification of Relevant Biomedical Literature.   And they have a web site to do searches: LigerCat Literature and Genomics Resource Catalogue

So, of course, like many others, the first thing I did was search for myself:

Eisen JA

I then repeated the search, but excluded articles from the SIGS journals, since I have about 100 of those articles that are in essence "Genome sequencing reports":

So this was fun. So then I played around with a variety of other searches


Indoor Microbiology

University of California[Affiliation] Davis[Affiliation]




Some things did not work for some reason(microbiome, metagenomic) but overall this is a useful quick way to get a feel for topics covered in some area.

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