Friday, February 04, 2011

Indoor Air 2011; Austin, Tx; June 5-10 #microBEnet

Just thought I would give people the heads up - I am helping plan a session on "Microbiology of the Indoor Environment" that will happen at the "Indoor Air 2011" meeting in Austin, TX June 5-10 2011.  The conference itself covers an enormous amount of ground about, well, Indoor Air.  And I am helping the meeting organizer Rich Corsi plan a special session that will try to bring together (1) researchers working on culture-independent studies of the microbes in the indoor environment with (2) scientists and engineers and others who work on the indoor environment.  Will post more about this special session as details come out.  But thought I would give people a heads up ...

I note, this is a component of the Sloan Foundation's New program in Indoor Microbiology - I have received a grant from them to create something called microBEnet ("microbiology of the Built Environment network").  In this microBEnet project we will be working to foster communication, collaboration, research and other related activities for the Sloan Program.  More coming on microBEnet soon but if you want a little taste (a very preliminary taste) - see our blog here.

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