Monday, July 26, 2010

Yay: #DavisCA police come through quickly on issue of dangerous signs

So , Saturday I got really annoyed with some unsafe street signs in Davis. I wrote some emails to the police and some realtors. I took pictures. I posted a blog post. And so on (see blog here - Davis, CA: Getting more and more annoyed with dangerous Real Estate signs in #DavisCA). Basically, the issues were realtors putting their open house signs in the street and some others putting signs in areas to block the view of oncoming traffic.

And though I got a response from one of the realtors, it was not very convincing. Thus I was more than pleased this AM to get an email back from the Davis Police Department in response to the emails I had sent in to

And they said two things. First, they had talked to the manager of the apartment complex that had been placing a sign obstructing traffic and the manager was taking it down. And the police were going to send an email to all realtors in the area reminding them that placing their signs in the street or other public right of way was illegal. May seem like a small thing to many, but I have seen a few near crashes due to the realtor signs and worried about crashes due to the apartment sign. And thus to have these issues fixed so quickly made my day.

I must say, I have had nothing but good interactions with the Davis Police when I have sent questions or emails to their non emergency email address.

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