Saturday, July 24, 2010

Getting more and more annoyed with dangerous Real Estate signs in #DavisCA

I am getting more and more annoyed with the Davis Realtor crowd. They seem to think that they can place signs anywhere they want to promote their sales. Here are some examples I took today, including one sign by Mona DeMasi that forced a couple of kids further into the path of a car while the kids were trying to ride around a circle.


  1. Yes, I may contact Bob if nothings happens with this as I have always dreamed of being in one of his columns

  2. Update - for those not reading twitter - I did send a message to the Davis Police and also to some of the realtors involved to see if they do anything ...

  3. In my own opinion, I think different real estate signs or all other advertisement signs from companies must be placed in proper places to avoid road accidents. Up to now, there are still accidents due to these signs and I also can't help but wonder why the local government hasn't done their action on this.

    In New York, most of the signs are placed properly and they have stainless steel sign bracket and stainless steel strap to provide protection and for it to be stable.


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