Sunday, July 18, 2010

CA scientists - time to rally for a good rock (serpentine)

I have been spending much more time on Twitter recently than on my blog, though I am trying to get back into the blog more and more. And today I am posting a mini post here that is more like a twitter post but I just have to at least put this on the blog. Sheril Keirshenbaum is calling for all Californians to DO SOMETHING in regard to this inane attempt to remove serpentine as the State Rock of California. See here recent post here:

Calling on Californians: West Coast Represent! | The Intersection | Discover Magazine

Really not much more to say than she has said, but I call on everyone in CA to do something about this.


  1. "...though I am trying to get back into the blog more and more."

    Putting up the same post twice doesn't count.

  2. crap - thought that would work


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