Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Slides and audio from my talk at #ASMGM

Slides and audio from my talk at ASM General Meeting


  1. Does this mean the ASM has finally given up their ridiculous copyright claims over the talks given at their conferences? They used to make sure the only available recording of talks was the official archive that you had to pay $100s of dollars to get.

  2. I never asked. That was my talk. I recorded it. I posted it. I do not recall signing anything saying I would not post my own talk. Let them come after me. I dare them.

  3. And not slides 28,29 ... or somewhere around those. And note further we NEED to get those papers out ....

  4. Dr Eisen, I was not present at ASM this year. The opportunity to review your very interesting talk has been great!! Thank you for posting it. I hope to review this again in keeping with our current research targets.
    Balasubramanian Ganesan
    Research Scientist
    Utah State Univ., Logan UT


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