Wednesday, August 19, 2009

YARFOS: Yet another reason for #OpenScience - getting useful input from reviewers

This is in the YARFOS (Yet another reason for open science) category.

A bit old here but was cleaning out my email inbox and just found a message about a cool Open Science story.

Seems Ivan Baxter and others had submitted a paper to PLoS Genetics (it is published now - see here). As described in his Ionomics Blog (yes, another omics, but we will let than slide here):
We just got the reviews back from Plos Genetics for our esb1 paper. There were many constructive suggestions and helpful suggestions, which is what we have come to expect from Plos Genetics (and why we submit many of our manuscripts there).

One of the reviewers actually came to Piims and retrieved some of the data that went into the paper to make the point that we should comment on the Mg effect of the mutation. Specifically, the reviewer pointed out that the mutation doesn't affect Mg, even though it affects Ca. They even included a figure of the data! I am posting the figure here, Blue is the mutant, and pink is the wild-type.
Go check out his post to see the figure. In the end, by putting their data out in the open, and by having a good intentioned reviewer, they got a really useful suggestion for their work ...

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