Tuesday, August 25, 2009

UC asking for people to write letter to government

For those interested in supporting the University of California and encouraging the California government to increase the budget next year here is a link for you:

UC for California - a dynamic advocacy support network for the University of California


  1. Bah, don't you know of the plan (supported by 21 UCSD department heads) to solve the budget problem by closing the "minor" UC campuses (the "major" ones being defined not only as UC-Berkeley and UCLA, as one would expect, but also UCSF and, um, UCSD)

  2. Hmmm... and to think I plan on applying to the system for grad school soon...combined with a drastic increase in grad school applicants due to the shitty job market, where people would actually rather hang around in a lab because there's nothing better for them to do; made worse by the 'less funding --> fewer positions' issue.

    I'm so very excited. Also there's that detail that my skillset is pretty much entirely lab- and research related, thereby making me less employable than a highschool dropout. World, here I come!

    So, who wants a PCR monkey? Any takers? *chirp chirp* *tumbleweed*

    /rant of extreme optimism

  3. it makes no sense to tax (aka furlough) university professors and staff who are working to get us out of the global mess we are in. Wouldnt it make more sense to place a 1% tax on millionaires?

    I have written a letter to the legislators