Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Morgan Price - Pushing the Frontiers of Genomics

Well, this is one of those times when I feel completely blown away by some else's brilliance.  And, since I am a bit on the cocky side, this does not happen all that often. But last week it did.  We had a guest come and give a presentation for my lab meeting. His name is Morgan Price and he works in Adam Arkin's lab at Lawrence Berkeley Lab. He is truly pushing the bubble in terms of designing useful software for carrying out comparative and evolutionary genome analyses.  Among his software/tools are FastTree and FastHMM & FastBLAST and MicrobesOnline.org
all of which are of great value in the era of ever expanding genome data accumulation. FastTree is particularly nice, allowing one to build evolutionary trees for data sets including hundreds of thousands of sequences.  And on top of all of this he appears to be big on Open Access Publishing. Anyway - just a little posting here to get people to check out some of his cool computational toys.

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