Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Is it a faux pas to wear the same T-shirt as another professor when you like the shirt?

No plans to wear the same shirt as Marc Facciotti who is another faculty in the UC Davis Genome Center (who by the way does brilliant stuff on gene regulatory networks in yeast and halophilic archaea). But there we were in our Hamsters Love PLoS shirts. And rather than run away in shame, I begged Lizzy Wilbanks, a grad. student, to take this picture (and note the picture of Harold Varmus, Pat Brown and my brother Michael Eisen from the Genome Technology cover in the background ...)


  1. Holy FSM! I'm wearing the same shirt today! I swear it! Hamsters love PLoS!

    I made my boss jealous too (especially with my PLoS sigg bottle on my lab bench).

  2. A guy in our department wore this shirt today...

    (this thread is now for reporting PLoS shirt sightings?)


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