Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fun at Novozymes in Davis

Normally, I hate marketing slogans.  But I must say I was pretty happy with the way Novozymes portrayed its "Rethink Tomorrow" branding.  Yesterday, I went over to Novozymes in Davis for the opening of a new building (Novozymes has an R&D branch in Davis).  It was a short and nice ceremony that included presentations by honchos from their HQ, some local Novozymes employees, as well as folks from the community including the Mayor Pro Tem of Davis Don Saylor and the head of the UC Davis Genome Center where I work, Richard Michelmore (who also happens to be the Novozymes Chair of Genomics).

What I liked about the marketing/branding discussion was how Novozymes is focused on making enzymes that can reduce the environmental impact of various industrial, agricultural, and personal processes like the making of biofuels.  Sure, everyone is going green these days or attempting to in some way.  But their argument that custom designed enzymes can reduce waste, allow for lower environmental impacts, etc, made sense to me.  In addition, they made significant efforts to make their building a low impact building.  Sure, nobody is perfect, but Novozymes seems to be making significant efforts towards the greater good even when they do not have to.  

Of course, perhaps I am a little biased since I live off Novolog from NovoNordisk, a "sister" company of Novozymes (see picture at the end of my slide show on my Novolog pen ...).  

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