Sunday, January 06, 2008

More fun at Long's

OK. Just had to post something because this is getting comical. I went in to Long's in E. Davis the other day to pick up some prescription refills. I had requested the refills online through the Long's web site and received an email saying they were reads. When I got in to the store, they told me that the refills were not ready. This is funny because this was about the 15th or so time in a row that my prescriptions were not ready when I was told they would be. One time it was problems with the online system. Another time it was that they needed a new prescription from my Doctor. Sure prescriptions expire and that is not really Long's fault. But apparently, when my prescriptions expire they decide to send faxes to a doctor I used to have in Maryland, even though I moved over two years ago. I came in like four times once over two weeks and every time they person at the counter would say "We faxed a request to Dr. So and So' and I would say "That person has not been my doctor for years. My new doctor is Dr. So and So in Davis." and they would sit there and click away at the keyboard supposedly fixing things and then they would say "OK, we will send it to the new doctor" And then I would come back and the person would say "We faxed your doctor in Maryland but he has not responded". This happened over and over and over. I began to view it as a game. How many times could I come to the pharmacy and could they get something wrong? The good things was, the people at the Long's pharmacy were very very nice. The bad thing was, something always seemed to go wrong. For a while I tried to use their automated prescription refill system, but that always went wrong too. So instead now, since I live near Long's and go to the Nugget all the time, I view my trips to the Long's Pharmacy as kind of an experiment in how many different ways my prescriptions can get screwed up.

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