Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Phylogenomics makes the big time --- University of Manitoba seeking a "Chair" in Phylogenomics

Now I know Phylogenomics has hit the big time.

University of Manitoba is looking for a chair in the emerging area of phylogenomics. See below. PS - Good job phylogenomics. You have made it.

From their ad:

Phylogenomics Chair, Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science
Position # 06661 and 06662

The University of Manitoba is seeking applications or nominations for a Canada Research Chair established by the Government of Canada to enable Canadian Universities to foster world-class research excellence ( Our Strategic Research Plan ( identifies a Tier II Chair in the Faculty of Science in the area of Phylogenomics as a priority.

The emerging field of Phylogenomics uses an exciting comparative approach to research that integrates the study of the evolution of species using genomic data and the study of genome function using phylogenetic data, and can powerfully inform a broad spectrum of biological research


  1. Aww. Your baby's all grown up.

  2. yeah, except the silly people of this world have made a lame ass definition about of my original one

    now they think "phylogenomics" mean using genomes to build evolutionary trees, rather than integrating evolutionary and genomic analyses into a composite approach.

    i might have to disown my baby


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